If you're a consumer, then you have the right of withdrawal. In accordance with ''The right of withdrawal''  a consumer is a person who wants to buy or use a product for a purpose it's not meant to be used at.
According to ''The right of withdrawal'' law, consumer can return the purchase in the next 14 days from the moment the product has been bought. That can be done without explaining the reason for returning the purchase.
Before returing the product, you have a right to:
1) check the product without using it
2) save the original packaging of a product
If you want to return a product, please fill in ''The right of withdrawal'' form and send it to us with the receipt of a product to Brīvības gatve 195, Rīga, Latvia.
In the next 7 days from the moment we've received your form we will return your money to the bank account that was listed in the form.
For further questions, please contact us through e-mail: [email protected]

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